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We are investing in the future.


Our future is in the up-and-coming generation, which is why we need to treat them well. To lower the access threshold to the job market for students, we keep a close eye on appropriate work placements.


That’s why Visser & Smit Hanab’s doors are always open to supervising new trainees. We’re ready to see what the options are in our organisation, whether you’re at a college or university for the first time, or if you’re working on a Masters or PhD.


Even if you decide to return to studying mid-way through your career, and you are looking for a placement, with us you’ve come to the right place.


We look at your education and training, your personality and your own interests, and try and find a match within our company.


We then appoint a ‘mentor’ who will guide you through the journey.


It goes without saying that we hope to see you back again once you dive into the job market, but our core purpose is making sure you’ve learned a lot while you’re with us.


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