Shield drilling - Closed front drilling

Shield drilling is a ‘classic’ that is still used. This more traditional drilling technique can be used, for example, if from an environmental perspective the groundwater level must not drop. Pioneer Visser & Smit Hanab can now call on more than three decades of know-how and experience.


Closed front drilling

Shield drilling or closed front drilling are also possible below the groundwater level and work on the basis of earth pressure and fluid balance. A drilling shield that starts from a thrust pit closes the casing pipe off and carves itself a path with a rotating cutter wheel. The earth is mixed with water or bentonite. Pumps and transmission lines remove it to a separation plant or slurry depot.

Drilling systems

This drilling system is particularly suited to pipes with a diameter of 600 to 3,500 mm. The installation of intermediate stations significantly extends the possible length of the route. Visser & Smit Hanab has various drilling shields for drilling different diameters. With our own designers, geologists, engineers, drilling experts and equipment specialists, we can execute projects in their entirety.

More information

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