Outfalls & Landfalls

Outfalls and landfalls are definitely not for beginners. Challenging conditions and often numerous provisional measures require specialist knowledge and workmanship. Visser & Smit Hanab has international experience in the construction of riparian and coastal passages.

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Pipes and cables from the sea

The ‘landing’ of cables and pipes for gases, fluids and casement pipes for data cables. Outfalls for cooling and waste water or drilled offshore constructions. Outfalls and landfalls cover a range of activities, in which environmental factors play a key role. Soil conditions, infrastructure and technical specifications are criteria for determining the most suitable drilling method and project approach.

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The right method

Outfalls and landfalls call for reliable material. Visser & Smit Hanab has specialised floating equipment such as winch pontoons and adapts drilling equipment and material to the conditions and substrate. Rugged rocks, a boggy swamp or a haunting sea breeze: with extensive knowledge of geology, soil mechanics, engineering and construction, we always choose the most appropriate drilling method.

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