Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells is the latest hit in the world of directional drilling. With the revolutionary and sustainable HDWW solution, Visser & Smit Hanab has a new method for groundwater extraction and water collection.


Filter pipe

Drinking water collection, (dike) stabilisation, remediation, rainwater infiltration, groundwater management, heat-cold storage and seawater collection: the possibilities of HDDW are endless. Horizontal directional drilling inserts a filter pipe into an aqueous stratum or package. Depending on the list of requirements, the filter pipe removes or filters water.

Sustainable fight

Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells have several benefits. HDDW ensures a constant quality and quantity of extracted water. In addition, horizontal pits are cheaper because less maintenance, fewer pits and pumps are required. HDWW can also be an effective tool in water treatment. By decontaminating using HDWW, you are tackling polluted groundwater and abundant rainwater.

More information

More information about HDDW? Are you curious about example projects or do you need advice for a ‘problem’? Please do not hesitate to contact us or first visit www.hddw.nl

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