Pipe routes and crossings are inextricably linked. Where HDD normally helps when bypassing infrastructure, for some crossings a culvert is essential. Visser & Smit Hanab has ‘hundreds of kilometres of experience’ with routes involving culverts.



Culverts remain popular. The technique is mainly used if drilling is not or only inefficiently possible, but also for crossing pipes when constructing district heating networks. Then, you constantly have to take into account the possible expansion of the network. Culverts are also used to take pipes deeper in the soil of coastal waters. Think of the ‘landing’ of (international) gas pipelines



Culverts are available in various ‘flavours’. The type depends on the type of pipe, the environment and the customer’s list of requirements. The same is true of the technique for excavating a trench and sinking the pipe. A study, detailed design, implementation, management and maintenance. You can safely leave projects involving culverts to our experts.

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