In today’s society, the electricity grid really represents the bottom line. Electricity has become so taken for granted that in the event of a blackout nearly everything grinds to a screeching halt… It makes sense then that society demands a lot from our infrastructure.



Specialist knowledge & expertise


Visser & Smit Hanab has developed wide-ranging expertise in the field of electrical power supplies and cable networks. When they need a network or installation set up, public utilities and major industrial players count on our expert skills for their high and low voltage needs. That goes for the whole infrastructure system, from the fine details to the big picture.

Infra elektriciteit Elia

High-quality connections


Expanding electricity consumption means that demand for new cable networks and connections is on the rise. Visser & Smit Hanab satisfies this demand, producing high-quality connections aboveground and underground, in coastal waters and on land, via open trenches and boreholes. On top of that we also have an experienced team of professionals, highly-skilled people who always work in accordance with the applicable requirements and quality standards. We are also ISO 9001 and VCA-P certified.

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