Water treatment

Water is one of our most precious resources, which also goes for industrial settings. Since its creation, Visser & Smit Hanab has been intimately involved with water-related issues, which also puts it in a position to manage contemporary industry requirements concerning water.

Complete range


Visser & Smit Hanab guarantees reliable connections throughout the entire water cycle, from the production of process water to the reuse of waste water; from sand filtration to reverse osmosis, and from the reduction of sludge to the optimisation of aeration in the water purification process.


Customised solutions


No two waters or processes are exactly the same, which is why Visser & Smit Hanab is always ready to offer its customers custom solutions. Visser & Smit Hanab uses cutting edge mechanical, chemical and biological water treatment techniques and ensures first-rate solutions with their highly qualified personnel, who possess the level of expertise and professional skills required to get the job done. To top this off, we are also ISO 9001 and VCA-P certified.

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